1:1370 Sane for a moment by Merieth
A splash of ice cold water in your face woke you with a jolt. You looked around and then at your paws, extending your claws--there was blood. Old, dried blood.


Percy was glaring at you, but her expression was mixed. Confused. "I found it," she said, her voice shaking. "Th

2:1316 Outside by Karlyene
There's something off about the light; it's not that it's brighter, and it's not really that it's more dull, either. It's just a different shade. The sun is orange, not yellow. It seems closer, as well, larger to look at. Maybe it's just the difference between your

6:494 A new life by Kolaghan
And things were indeed alright for Jane and Tod. The duo were free of any other transformative distractions from that day on. Instead they simply focused on each other and the lessons they had to go through. Tod was more than willing to learn more and more about the world Jane was from and where she

1:1369 Back to the room by Merieth
You stood on a dark, foggy road. When you tried to look at your hands, you saw only a blur. The wind blew at your back, urging you to take a step forward...and you did. Before long, you came to a crossroads. At the end of one path, you saw a human...and at the end of the other, you saw a giant sabe

2:1310 Attack by catprog
Roaring your challenge you fall onto all fours letting the instincts take over.


The wolves are good, one distracts you while another goes into attack. You have thrown a few into the pool and they are carried downstream.


Both you and the wolves are panting before one of them a

2:1292 Save Mannus by wrathofautumn


You choose to stand your ground and protect Mannus. Ernest fires his gun which shoots out a ray of energy, aiming directly for you. However, upon reaching you, a psychic barrier absorbs the energy completely. Whatever the Plasma Grunt was trying to accomplish failed. You breathe a sigh

6:493 In the morning by Kolaghan
The next morning began with a somewhat awkward exchange. Tod hadn’t expected to find a fellow taur in the morning, but he certainly was not disappointed by the sight. Jane, now just as much a fox as her roommate, was flustered by how handsome Tod seemed to her in that moment. It was hard for her t

8:124 Beach by Nero Hopps
From my drop I saw that I hadn’t landed far from the beach, I suppose that is where I’ll go. As I trudge through the overgrown vegetation, I can’t shake this uneasy feeling in my gut. As soon as I landed, something, I’m not sure what, but something felt off. The sun hung high in the sky over

1:1386 He flatters your body by catprog
"I must say though, he did give you a fine body" he says smiling looking over you.


"Thanks but I am... was male before this" you say.


"Well about half of the people here were switched like you were, no asking them though. It it considered rude to ask.

6:528 Read the guide by catprog
She opens the book and starts to read.


The book explains how the portals work. When someone from outside the world enters they are changed into a skunk taur. Half the time they are male and the other half female, it does not seem to matter what they originally were. Their is no mention o

6:434 Follow The Leader by Flutterbest
Daniel marched onwards determinedly across the dreary expanse as she had before but this time with her partners in tow. The way they were trailing behind reminded her of the game follow the leader. It had been the “it” game of their elementary years. Daniel had never especially liked being the

6:492 New sleeping postion by Kolaghan
That night Jane woke up in a cold sweat. In a life that, as far as she was able to recall, marred by strange feelings and sensations, this was perhaps the most bizarre to date. She felt so wrong and so uncomfortable, as if something was actually wrong with her on some deep level. The first hint was

2:1301 Ice Smash by Lifeguard Arran
After a bit of thinking, you decide to try the brute force method of just breaking the ice to be able to catch some fish. So you lift yourself up on your hind legs, rising higher and higher while balancing and then crashing your weight down onto the ice. And as your body drives itself down you try t

1:1378 A Hole by Kinky Chameleon
The traveler turns to the dusty ground, beginning to scrape with his stick, apparently pondering. You wiggle slightly. You’ve just noticed that your boobs are on clear and prominent display right now, so you cross your front legs in front of you, trying to create a covering. You hope desperately t

1:1367 Radio by Merieth
A moment later, there was static coming out of the radio's speakers, followed by a very muffled broadcast.


"HIDEOUT...ARCADIA SURVIVORS...COORDINATES..." The broadcast went on to list a long number, though it was extremely hard to hear. Percy looked ecstatic, and was craz

6:491 Final Changes? by Kolaghan
For a few days it seemed as if that theory was false. Despite looking like she was a cross between a fox and human by then, her changes seemed to have stopped. It gave her time to adjust to her slightly different balance and stride. Her feet had reshaped into paws and at first it was like trying to

2:1315 Hunger by Karlyene
The mattress beneath your legs is comfortable for a moment, and then you let out a small yelp as you sit on your tail. Your head quickly flashes around, and you take a second to look at the giant floof that extends from the base of your spine and outward. It moves almost of its own volition, wagging

2:1309 Hunt by catprog
While you are drinking you smell food. You slip into the water and follow your nose until you see a deer drinking from the pool.


You leap out from under the water and bite down on the neck.


It is not until you are full that you realize how much the tiger instincts have taken

2:1291 Protect by wrathofautumn
“Of course I’ll protect you,” You say. “I won’t let any harm come to you.”


“Thanks. You’re a true friend,” Mannus says, picking up some cleaning supplies to start tidying up the wall next to you, “I’m surprised that you’re a housemaid.”


“I’ve bee

6:478 Final Results by Kolaghan
To this day Daniel resides in those woods. The staff at Area 50 decided that recapturing her would be a waste of both resources and potential and instead ensured that her roaming area was far more boxed in. She could have technically left at any time, especially once she got the hang of flight, but