2:1304 Shelter by Lifeguard Arran


Just as you wonder if you're able to make it out of this hellish white nightmare, you think you see something in the distance which isn't a tree. Could it be?


Ever so slowly you make your way to the big shadow looming in front of you and yes, it is something else!

2:1326 Sure by catprog
"Sure, that will take care of both problems. Follow me" the wolf says.


"You know where it is?" you ask.


"Well the boss knows where the costumes are" he says "we just have to get their."


The wolf heads off with you following.

2:1295 Marry Him by wrathofautumn
“Of course, I will marry you,” are the last words your say before the two of you kiss.


The wedding seems almost short but sweet. You are wedded together with Mr. Swanson in holy matrimony. You can still hear the bells ringing in your ears as you flew down the aisle, bouquet in your h

8:126 Trapping by Nero Hopps
The sun has lowered and hovers just above the canopy. The tent is seat and some large rocks have been set in a circle, raising above the wood which has been set in a teepee formation. Standing next to each other, we look over our work with a sigh in content let out in unison. In a moment of silence,

2:1318 Move On by Karlyene
"I said move on." The hound looks up, his jowls wobbling slightly and his scowl very predominate on his face. You can see that, even though he's a smaller dog than you, he'd be completely willing to shred you apart within a moments notice if necessary.


That, paired wi

8:122 Mount by catprog
Marcus reads it out aloud


"Congratulations on finding the sphinx mount. She will serve you well."


You scoff at this before he continues


"Unfortunately as part of the capture process we have had to temporarily remove her speech. To remove the harness

2:1325 Diplomacy by catprog
"So did you come here for me?" you ask.


"No, we are trying to find one of the costumes" the head wolf says.


"Can you show me where the costume is? That will remove me from the boss's worries right?" you ask "And you won't need to f

2:1294 Stay by wrathofautumn
“You still have us,” You say, waving to the other servants. “You still have all of us.”


The other servants, humans and pokemorphs alike, all come in closer in agreement. It didn’t matter whether they had been paid or not. They had all served Mr. Swanson and his family for many

2:1303 Snowstorm by Lifeguard Arran


Every afternoon you witnessed in this magical place, the snow started to fall until way after sunset, covering the surroundings in a thick white blanket. But this time is different. This time the snowfall becomes more dense with every passing minute. And the wind gets stronger too, unti

1:1373 A Secret by Merieth
"Log 196, Day 58: Two new escapees have made their way to Beastfolk. Young Persian female and young Sabertooth. Saber has assimilated well into the culture of the Beastfolk test group, but the Persian seems eager to revert gift of the Ascension. A minor flaw in the greater plan, but overall th

2:1317 Dominance by Karlyene
Icy eyes scrutinize it for a moment, and then his gaze flickers back to the line behind you. His head tilts, and then he nods. "Number four. Go get in line." Without hesitation, he hands you a plastic disc with a red number four blaring along the screen of it,  and turns his eyes from you

1:1372 Parting way by Merieth
"Glad to hear it, partner. I owe you everything, but this is where we part. I'm gonna try to pick all the brains I can and find a way to go back to my old life. When I find out, you'll be the FIRST person I tell, got it?"


Percy was leaving to chase her own dreams, and

8:125 Friendly by Nero Hopps
She turns sharply and seems to light up when she notices me.


“Oh, thank god!”


“How long have you been here?” I ask as we now stand before one another.


“I was dropped off about an hour ago. I already caught and ate a couple deer, but ever since, I haven

6:529 Go to the address by catprog
She memorizes the address and shreds the paper with her claws depositing them into a bin.


As she approaches the address a bag is put over her head and she is pushed into a van and driven off.


Eventually the bag is taken off and she is in the middle of a room surrounded by oth

2:1311 Boss? by catprog
"Who is the boss?" you ask "I only just arrived here from another world."


"You are a costume wearer like him?" the wolf asks.


"How long has he been here anyway, he should only be here for a fortnight? " you ask


"He has

2:1293 Attack the grunts by wrathofautumn
You attack the grunts hoping to save both.


The grunts smile at you, before turning their guns on you. A beam shoots outs hitting you. While you try to recover you spot one of the grunts throwing a poke ball at you.


It hits and you are sucked into the ball.



1:1371 The Village by Merieth
After many twists and turns, the two of you followed your keen sense of sight and smell down a path that brought you to an underground forest with a waterfall and a stream. In the distance, you could barely make out a faint light. The two of you climbed the small waterfall and splashed along the str

1:1379 Smaller by Kinky Chameleon
The surface of the rock beneath you scrapes against your fur-clad legs as you begin to shrink down, your monstrous size diminishing quickly. However, to your disappointment, nothing besides that seems to be altering. When the tingling stops, you find yourself still in the exact same sphinx body wit

6:534 They Know? by catprog
"You know about my transformation?" Danielle asks.


"Of course, your story has been passed down through the generations, about how you were just a tiger cub and the military did something." the second tiger says.


"Oh. What would you say if that was not

2:1302 Try Again by Lifeguard Arran
Again you stand in front of the hole, shaking your body as water droplets fill the air around you. Your long, wet, white hair sticks to your body as a kind of hood and your fur as a whole seems to have gained a few pounds of weight. You are not amused. But after getting a few breaths of the cool air